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Email Aliases – How to link multiple email addresses to one Vyew account


If you have multiple email addresses, it is convenient to link them all together in the Vyew system. If someone invites you to a room and send the invite to either of your addresses, they can all be accessed by one Vyew account.  For this purpose we allow you to create multiple Email Aliases for your main Vyew account.


I may have three different email addresses: tim@gmail.com, tim@company.com, and tim@yahoo.com.  I use tim@company.com to login to my Vyew account. My colleagues may have all three of those emails in their address book. When they go to invite me to a Vyew Room, they may invite tim@gmail.com. When this happens an unregistered guest account for tim@gmail.com is created. When I enter that room I will come in as tim@gmail.com, not as tim@company.com (which is my main login).

To solve this problem I will create two Email Aliases (tim@gmail.com, tim@yahoo.com) linked to my main Vyew login (tim@company.com).

How to create an Email Alias

  1. Go to the Email Alias Manager
  2. You may be prompted to login. Make sure you are logged in as your main Vyew login address.
  3. Add your other email addresses with the form
  4. A confirmation email will go out and you must click the link in the email to complete the process.

If I have two registered Vyew accounts already, how do I merge and link them together?

If the email alias you would like to create already exists as a registered account, then all the data and rooms will be merged over to the main account. For example, if my main account is tim@company.com, and I create an alias called tim@gmail.com, then any rooms owned by tim@gmail.com will be then transferred to tim@company.com.


Known Issue — Medias in Room not editable


There is a major bug which we are working on and will release an emergency fix immediately (by today, Thurs, May 3rd). The issue is that a large number of media object (image, document, etc) inside a room are not editable or movable. No data is lost, it is just no editable. We greatly apologize for this huge inconvenience and are working hard to get this fixed ASAP.

Techincal Details

The reason this is happening is because our database reached a limit on the ID numbers for media objects. We are changing the datatype to account for more media objects and are testing the fix right now. We hope to release sometime during the day today, Thursday, May 3rd.

New Features – April 2012 (v4.27)

Here’s what’s been happening at Vyew this past month:

  • New Home Dashboard – monitor activity in all of your rooms
  • Page Voice Notes – Easily record up to 5 minutes of audio on each page
  • Translate Quickly – If you work with people who write comments in other languages, you can easily translate
  • New Language Option – Chinese is now available in the UI
  • Hand Grab Tool – Hold the space bar, then click and drag to drag the page around (instead of scrolling)


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New Features – Feb 2012 (v4.26)

February 2012 was a busy month here at Vyew. There were quite a few new features and updates added:

  • New Feature: Task Assignments and Page Approval Requests
  • Email documents and text directly into your Vyew Room
  • Reply by Email to comment notifications for import into the Vyew Room comment thread
  • Copy Pages between Rooms
  • New MP3 Player plugin
  • Updated the Quiz/Poll Plugin for Vyew 4

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