New Features – May 2011 (v4.15)

  • Subscribe to Comments – get an email notification when someone responds to your comments
  • Multi-select obects – Move multiple objects (text, images, etc) in a room at a time
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts
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Here’s what we’ve been working on over the past month:

      • New Feature: Subscribe To Comments- When responding to a comment in a room, now you can get an email notification when someone else responds to it. Anyone else who comments on that thread also has the option of subscribing.

        Minor Bug Fixes - As some of you know, Vyew 4 is a complete re-write of the Vyew interface from the ground up. Since our initial Vyew 4 release, most of our time has been going into minor bug fixes and optimizations. The new Vyew platform gives us a big potential for a faster product. In the coming months we'll be focusing on this area more.Faster Load Time - While there is still more work to do in this area, we've made a few changes which decreased the load time by about ~2 seconds.Fix: Uploading to multiple rooms - This feature was a little buggy in the past. We've worked on this to ensure the page counts are accurate in the Home tab, and uploads to 30 rooms at a time work consistently.Add: Multi-select in Page Manager - Use Shift-Click to select multiple pages to move or delete them all at once.

      • Add: Multi-select objects in a room- Though we already had this in the old Vyew 3, we just added this into Vyew 4.
      • Fix:Laggy Rooms – We identified a problem which caused random users in a room to experience a 3-5 second lag/delay time in the interface. It was related to our auto-saving feature, and has now been fixed.
      • Fix: Scheduled Meeting Sync Mode – When scheduled meetings were set to sync mode, they were not actually switching to sync at the time of the meeting. (Fixed in v4.13, March 2011)
      • Add: Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys) – Use these shortcuts for better productivity in a Vyew Room.

Keyboard Shortcuts

      • Control-RIGHT — Go to the next page
      • Control-LEFT — Go to previous page
      • Control + (plus) — Zoom In
      • Control – (minus) — Zoom Out

Keyboard Shortcuts while an object is selected

    • Control-UP — Layer object on top of others (after selecting the object)
    • Control-DOWN — Layer object below others (after selecting the object)
    • Control-X — Cut
    • Control-C — Copy
    • Control-V — Paste
    • Delete — Delete selected object
    • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT — Nudge an object a little (when it’s selected)
    • Shift-UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT — Move object a further distance (when it’s selected)

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