Development Notes – October 2009

  • ADD: New “Convert PDF to JPG” importing option. For PDF’s which has complex graphics, like a lot of lines or color gradients, they used to make the Vyew Room very slow. This option solves the problem. (More Info)
  • FIX: Sometimes imported powerpoints were coming in too large in the screen.
  • FIX: Scheduled Meetings had required a user login. Now they do not.
  • FIX: Some users who used strange characters for their password were having login problems.

There haven’t been too many recent changes to the current product. This is because we are hard at work producing our next major version release. We hope to have this done by December 2009. It will have significant upgrades in these areas:

  • Speed and Responsiveness
  • Ease of Use
  • Stability

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Comments (7 Responses)

  1. Tom H says:

    When will Vyew get remote application sharing capabilities? I love Vyew, this is the only missing piece or in order to be able to compete with the big guys (WebEx and GoToMeeting).


    Tom H

    One more comment, this is the one feature missing and I would recommend Vyew to all of my clients.



    We havent really focused on that part of the app yet. It is on our roadmap, but not a high priority yet. We’ll get to it :)


    John M

    I need to share an excel document with others offsite, probably about 10 people total. Can this be done?


    Yes, this can be done, but those users cannot edit the excel document, they can only mark over it, highlight, leave notes, etc.

  2. Vyew says:

    We didn’t feel it fit into our long-term strategy as a collaboration tool, although, it is on our roadmap, since many are requesting it.


  3. Kim says:

    We LOVE Vyew! Hubby uses it for business meetings with clients nationwide. I use it for online teaching across the globe. Although we are not at all “power” users yet, we are learning how best to use all of the features available, and look forward to many more being implemented. We strongly feel that even at this stage, Vyew far outweighs the competition in value for the dollar. KUDOS to the team!


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