Vyew 4 – Open to the Public

We’ve been talking about Vyew 4 for a long time now. It was a huge project, and we’re excited to say we’ve finally got a stable version. Starting last week, all newly created Vyew accounts are automatically switched to version 4.

Should You Switch To Vyew 4?

There are still a few features that we have not yet implimented from version 3 (they are listed below).  If something in that list is vital for your use of Vyew, then stay with Vyew 3 for a little longer. Otherwise, we recommend switching to Vyew 4, because there are many new bug fixes in Vyew 4 and it is more stable to use. You can switch your version here.

Caveats (Things missing in Vyew 4)

  • Uploading of .txt, and .rtf − STATUS: fixed.
  • Multi-select − STATUS: fixed.
  • Stamp Tool for Greek and Math characters − STATUS: We have currently discontinued this feature for now. The old one was very inefficient, and although we would like to add this back, we have a lot of other priorities right now.
  • Plugins
    • The Video (YouTube) plugin. STATUS: Working
    • The MP3 Audio Plugin is NOT working, although if you had MP3′s in your old Vyew Rooms, and have switched to Vyew 4, they will still play, you just can’t upload new ones yet. STATUS: Scheduled to be finished first quarter of 2011.
    • Graphing Calculator and Equation Editor STATUS: working
  • Object Selector − The object selector was a hidden tool in Vyew 3 that is now discontinued. I don’t think anyone will miss it. At the time, we created it because there was no way to unlock an object after you locked it. Now, a locked object can be unlocked by clicking on it, then clicking the LOCK icon in the lower right corner.

What’s new in Vyew 4?

It’s been rebuilt from the ground up in the latest Flash Flex4 technology which means…

  • Export to PDF/PrintExport your whole room to a PDF file for offline storage or printing.
  • The interface is more responsive, faster, and more stable.
  • Loading times will be faster. We will be working on optimizations heavily in the coming months.
  • Simpler, easier to use interface.
  • Secure – We’ve added more security to keep your content safe.
  • Searching – Search for content within your rooms.
  • Unified Invites – Scheduling meetings and open-ended invites can be managed in one place for a simpler experience.
  • New Page Navigator with easier drag/drop rearranging of pages, and docking to the side like PowerPoint.

VyewBook’s are now called Rooms

When we first started Vyew, for some reason we thought of a cute idea to call our meeting rooms VyewBooks. We called them Books, because we wanted to distinguish our meeting rooms from other peoples meeting rooms which were not “asynchronous.” The concept of a book, was that the content was there, and always would be there. In the end, maybe it caused more confusion than it was worth, so now we’re going back to the generic term “Room.” So, from here on out, we’ll be referring to Vyew Rooms, not VyewBooks.

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Comments (5 Responses)

  1. George says:

    We evaluated using Vyew for our online meetings last year and it looked great but was missing one huge, must-have feature for our company. And that is the ability to remotely control someone else’s display or to allow someone else to remotely control our display. We use this for all sorts of occasions, from sales engineering, hammering out project specifications, training and support, developer collaboration, etc.

    Is Remote Control available in version 4? If so we would definitely consider switching to Vyew. If not we’ll continue to wait.

    This is still the most requested feature in your feedback: http://feedback.vyew.com/forums/3761-vyew-feedback/suggestions/134240-add-remote-control-to-desktop-sharing?ref=title



    We have not immediate plans to add this feature to Vyew, sorry. We feel there are enough products in this space, such as logmein.com.


  2. Liz Harrison says:

    Can I pre-schedule a meeting for a future date and time, then have potential participants register ahead? Will I be able to save a record of registered and active participants?



    Yes you can schedule a meeting. Users do not have to register, but there is an option to force them to create a vyew account. More info:http://vyew.com/link/7862

    During/after the meeting, you can see a list of users who entered in the activity logs. (http://vyew.com/link/1382)


  3. pflora says:

    have you considered putting a clock and timer as a plugin. it would be nice to have such a feature.


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