Vyew featured in Google Chrome’s Web Store

A few months ago Vyew was invited by Google to join their new Web Store. This week, we’re proud to announce Vyew as one of the Google’s featured apps in the Web Store. You can think of the Web Store like the appstore is to the Ipod. It provides users with a simple portal to explore and install web apps into their Chrome browser.

In order to take advantage of the Web Store, you need to use Google’s Chrome browser. You can download that here. The Web Store is here, and Vyew’s app page is here. If you’re a fan of Vyew, please leave a comment at the bottom of our page.

Why use Chrome?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Google Chrome is a browser released by Google in 2008. Chrome is, to date, the fastest browser on the market, specifically in the area of processing javascript and complex web sites. I have been using Chrome as my main browser for about a year and a half now because it is noticeably faster than IE and Firefox. It also claims to be much more secure than other browsers because any applications running in it, are in a true “sandbox” (secured environment partitioned from the rest of your system).

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    I am also using chrome and vyew and really true .

    With google store i expect agood move vyew , will have more users and i wish the best 2011 for vyew developer


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