Please switch to Vyew 4

We would like to encourage all of our users to switch their account to Vyew 4. We are no longer developing or supporting Vyew 3.


MP3 support was added to Vyew 4 on Aug 1st, 2011. That was the last thing on our list to get done to match Vyew 4 functionality with Vyew 3.

Things To Be Aware Of

  • No Stamp Tool The Stamp Tool has been discontinued in Vyew 4. The Mathematics Stamp Collection was replaced by the Equation Editor plugin. We are considering adding it in later, but it is not a priority. If you have a problem with this, let us know how important it is to you.
  • No MP3 support We have not yet implimented MP3′s into Vyew 4. We hope to get this out in the next month. If this is a deal breaker for you, then stick with v3. We will make another announcement when that is read.

How to Switch to Vyew 4

Go here to switch:

Is My Account Vyew 3 or Vyew 4? How Do I tell?

The link above will tell you.

What’s new in Vyew 4?

It’s been rebuilt from the ground up in the latest Flash Flex4 technology which means…

  • Export to PDF/PrintExport your whole room to a PDF file for offline storage or printing.
  • The interface is more responsive, faster, and more stable.
  • Loading times will be faster. We will be working on optimizations heavily in the coming months.
  • Simpler, easier to use interface.
  • Secure – We’ve added more security to keep your content safe.
  • Searching – Search for content within your rooms (located in the Home Tab, upper right corner)
  • New Page Navigator with easier drag/drop rearranging of pages, and docking to the side like PowerPoint.

VyewBook’s are now called Rooms

When we first started Vyew, for some reason we thought of a cute idea to call our meeting rooms VyewBooks. We called them Books, because we wanted to distinguish our meeting rooms from other peoples meeting rooms which were not “asynchronous.” The concept of a book, was that the content was there, and always would be there. In the end, maybe it caused more confusion than it was worth, so now we’re going back to the generic term “Room.” So, from here on out, we’ll be referring to Vyew Rooms, not VyewBooks.

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