New features – Nov 2011 (v4.22)

  • Search easily within rooms 
  • Improved Page Manager - Page thumbnails  and “File View” shows all the files uploaded to that room
  • Organize Your Invited Rooms – You can now drag rooms you’ve been invited to, into your own folder structure.
  • Improved Drawing Tools


Improved Page Manager

Improved page manager

















  1. Search within the Room – Search for text within comments, documents, page names or text tool within the room.
  2. Easily search and download files in a room.

    Pages/Files Tab – With the Files Tab, you can view all the different files that have been uploaded to this room, find which page they’re on or download them.

  3. Thumbnails help you visually search for a specific page.
  4. Dock to Side- Click DOCK to keep the Page Manager always visible on the side of the room.




Organize your invitations

In previous versions, all the Rooms you were invited to were kept in a single folder. Now you are able to drag them out to your own folders for more flexible organization. Note that the rooms you've been invited to will still also stay in the “Rooms I'm Invited To” folder to maintain your list of invitations. Whiteboard/Drawing Improvements


Improved Drawing Tools

  • Precise location of Text tool - previously, when placing the I-beam text tool mouse icon, the text did not type exactly where it was placed. This has been fixed.
  • Predefined line widths - For speed and simplicity, we add preset line widths. You can also select other line widths with the sider.
  • Use the arrow keys to move media to an exact location - Once you select an image, document, or other media in your Vyew Room, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to shift it pixel by pixel for exact placement.
  • Fixed:  copy/pasting of lines – There was a bug where pasted lines became shifted, and did not stay in the proper location.
  • Multi-language Text tool  - The Text tool and other text fields now accept typed input for non-Western languages such as Chinese, Russian, etc.
  • Edit multiple media properties at once - For example, if you multi-select several lines and shapes, you can then change the line color and thickness all together.


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