New Features – Feb 2012 (v4.26)

February 2012 was a busy month here at Vyew. There were quite a few new features and updates added:

  • New Feature: Task Assignments and Page Approval Requests
  • Email documents and text directly into your Vyew Room
  • Reply by Email to comment notifications for import into the Vyew Room comment thread
  • Copy Pages between Rooms
  • New MP3 Player plugin
  • Updated the Quiz/Poll Plugin for Vyew 4

Quiz / Poll Plugin

  • Multi-answer poll option.
  • Quiz option can be multiple choice, true/false, or answer fill in.
  • Single or multiple correct answers.









  • Show quiz takers their score after finishing the quiz.
  • Show quiz takers the right and wrong answers after answering.










 Interact with Your Vyew Room via Email

  • You can now reply to comments posted in your room directly from the notification emails. See here for more info.
  • Import files and text via email. See here for more info.


Unlink/Relink Document Pages

When uploading a multi-page document, you can now unlink a page from the rest, so that resizing, rotating, moving, etc, will not affect it. Relinking a page resets it like the rest of the document again.




Copy Pages From One Room to Another

In the page manager, multi-select pages in one room…







… and copy them to other rooms.







Lone Viewer Unsync

When a user enters a room that’s in Sync mode and they are the only one in the room, the room will become Unsync’ed.

SHIFT Key Constrains Drawing Tools

By holding down the SHIFT key before clicking and dragging, you can constrain certain whiteboard drawing tools:

  • The Rectangle and Ellipse tool can now draw a perfect square or circle.
  • The freefrom Pen tool will be constrained to perfect vertical or horizontal lines.
  • The Line tool will be constrained to lines in 45 degree increments.

New MP3 Player Plug-in

Loads quicker, sleeker design, same functionality.









Comment TODOs and Approvals

Comments can now be flagged as a “Todo”…










… or an “Approval” and assigned to a particular user with a due date for follow-up.






Additional Changes

  • Comment reply pop-ups are now moveable and now show the entire text you’re replying to.
  • Taipei, Taiwan timezone added.
  • The room renaming and screen-name renaming pop-ups now support IME text input for non-English characters.
  • Imported .TXT files are now converted to editable text boxes.
  • Text boxes can now only be edited by one person at a time.
  • New, easier-to-use zoom interface for both room and screen sharing modes.
  • Holding/releasing the SHIFT key toggles the magnifier tool between zoom in/zoom out.
  • Comment subscribers now shown by clicking on Invite→See who has access…

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