Changes underway at Vyew, your favorite visual workspace

We want to thank you for growing with us. Occasionally, we reach out to our users and inform them of key updates and new features.

Come this August we will transition from a free “beta” service to a paid service. This marks a milestone of the application and our business. For the past 8 years, Vyew has been the only full-featured web conferencing provider that has offered a completely free service.

Sustainable Vyew

Like all good things, the free version is coming to an end. In order to continue providing this service, we must find a balance to our sustainable business model. If you have been using Vyew free of charge and getting value out of it, why not help support us? We will continue to grow and maintain the service.  Next month we plan to release our much-anticipated iOS app for your iPhone and iPad.  If you are already a paying customer, we thank you, and your pricing will remain the same.

On August 25th of this year, we will phase out our free user accounts. In it’s place we will offer a $.99 trial for 30 days for new users. You as an existing user of Vyew, you will have to convert to a paid account before that date.



We will offer 3 paid user accounts:
• Our single user Plus account will be $9.95 USD a month. This is a limited feature account butsuits the basic needs of many users.
• Our single-user Pro account will be $29.95 USD a month and have all the features Vyew has now, plus new features we are adding (such as iOS integration) as we move to being a paid service
• Our 5-user Team accounts will be $99 USD a month for every 5 users. Team accounts have all the features our Pro accounts but with bulk pricing discounts.

Special Offer

Act now and save. If you subscribe for 1 year or more …save well over 65%. We make this offer as a thank you for your loyalty to Vyew.

We look forward to making Vyew even better.



So what do I get with this new pricing model besides access to the features I am used to?

New features
• Upgraded PDF rendering of your room
• Wolfram search and related calculators
• Checklist and procedures with our “Get It Done” framework
• early beta access to our iPhone and iPad apps

What will happen to my free account?

We deeply apologize, but we can no longer afford to provide free accounts. If you opt out, on August 26th your account will be frozen. If you don’t choose to upgrade by September 26th, then your room content will be removed.

What if I’m already a paying customer?

We appreciate your support and your current pricing will remain the same. All monthly and yearly accounts will renew at their same price level.


Who uses Vyew?

We have discovered that there are four types of users:
• Tutors and teachers, especially in language arts and math
• Coaches, consultants, and training, especially for blended on-site and online whiteboard discussion
• Business managers, especially those involved in international account sales and service
• Small business owners and their virtual assistants, especially those involved in visual design and trade promotions


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