Please switch to Vyew 4

We would like to encourage all of our users to switch their account to Vyew 4. We are no longer developing or supporting Vyew 3. Read more    

Making Vyew faster

One of our main priorities is to make Vyew load faster. We have been devoting some time to this, and will continue to do so. Our first step in aiding the load process is to remove the “html frames” that are wrapped around each Vyew Meeting. This will decrease load times by about 1 – 1.5 seconds.

The no-frames version of Vyew is ready to roll out, and we will be doing so today (Friday March 4) on one of our servers. This change will be transparent to everyone, but for the weekend, a notice will appear at the top of the screen informing them of this change. In case any problems are experienced, please click the link to contact support as we will be monitoring your responses throughout the weekend.

Vyew 4 Interface Overview

This article will help you transition from Vyew 3 to Vyew 4. As of April 2011, about 60% of our users are on Vyew 4.

How do I know if my account is Vyew 3 or 4?

To check what version you are on, go here:

What’s the difference Vyew 3 and Vyew 4?

  • There are 2 minor things are not in Vyew 4: (1) Stamp Tool, (2) MP3 Support (will be fixed). Learn more.
  • Vyew 4 Interface has been changed to make it easier to use (we hope, your feedback is important to us).
  • We added some new features… Read here for more info.

Read more    

Vyew Progress Update (Dec 09)

A few changes this last month:

  • Desktop Sharing – We are working to make this feature more stable and work more seamlessly among presenters. We have installed a few new changes which should facilitate a smoother experience. We are still working on a few more stability features to be released next month. If you still have any problems, be sure to submit a test report here, and use the Vyew Accelerator for desktop sharing.
  • Dynamic Button – The button plugin allows collaborators and up to open external link URL’s automatically for everyone in the room.
  • Bug fixes –  A lot of minor bug fixes including single apostrophes in book names sometimes had problems redirecting when opening.

Coming up…

We have been working hard on our next major version release, Vyew 4.0. We hope to have this launched early in 2010.

  • New, easier to use interface
  • Faster interface response times
  • Faster drawing tools response times
  • Higher security
  • and much more…. to be listed later.

Development Notes – October 2009

  • ADD: New “Convert PDF to JPG” importing option. For PDF’s which has complex graphics, like a lot of lines or color gradients, they used to make the Vyew Room very slow. This option solves the problem. (More Info)
  • FIX: Sometimes imported powerpoints were coming in too large in the screen.
  • FIX: Scheduled Meetings had required a user login. Now they do not.
  • FIX: Some users who used strange characters for their password were having login problems.

There haven’t been too many recent changes to the current product. This is because we are hard at work producing our next major version release. We hope to have this done by December 2009. It will have significant upgrades in these areas:

  • Speed and Responsiveness
  • Ease of Use
  • Stability

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