March 2009

This month we’ve been mainly working on corporate/enterprise features and did some minor fixes to the UI.

  • Fixed Bug: VOIP (Push To Talk) lost connection sporadically when passing the mic around.
  • Non-owners can now remove their own video/webcam screen
  • Unlocking locked objects now easier – just click on the object, then the unlock button in the lower right corner of the object.
  • Removed “Sync Viewable Area” from sync menu because it caused problems when used among many collaborators who scrolled/zoomed at the same time

January 2009

We have been busily preparing to convert much of the Vyew application to a faster Flash 10 platform which will increase speed, security and stability in the product.

  • Fixed a bug in the Video Pod which caused a lot of CPU usage.
  • Invitation Email fixes – Made some changes to outgoing emails so that now there is a much less chance of them getting stuck in spam boxes.
  • Flash 10 fixes: Chat and downloading the original file had problems in Flash 10.
  • Backend security fixes

October 2008

  • Vyew Public API released to allow partners to integrate with Vyew.
  • Flash 10 Fix – Uploading failed for people with Flash 10 because of new security settings in Flash.
  • Fixed: People with a ton of Vyew Rooms and files were experiencing crashes when opening the “Import file from other book” dialog.
  • Fixed: Copying and pasting multiple objects had a bug, now when pasting multiple objects now preserves relative position among eachother.
  • Fixed some bugs in Audio Recording.
  • Changed the way SYNC Mode works. Previously, when SYNC Mode was on, scrolling was also synchronized. Now, there is an option for this in the SYNC Mode menu.

April 2008 (Version 3.0)

Version 3.0 constitutes all the major additions in the last 3 months, including:

  • New Desktop Sharing Engine (see details below)
  • Voicemail Notes
  • Sidebar discussion area for comments
  • Edit images inline
  • Push-To-Talk VOIP and Webcam
  • Background Importing

More specifically, since last month, many of the changes made to the system were in the backend to create more stability and tighter security, including:

  • New Desktop Sharing Engine — The Java based desktop sharing engine is more stable a little bit faster than the last version. When desktop sharing starts, a control bar will popup, so you can start/stop sharing without having to go back to the Vyew browser. In the past, we tried to minimize the browser during the Desktop Sharing startup, but this created problems within certain browsers. Now, you must minimize the browser yourself.
  • Desktop Sharing Zoom Mode — Desktop sharing can now be seen in a 100% Zoom mode, which auto-scrolls and crops the area of where the presenters mouse is. This makes viewing a presentation at 100% much easier. Try it out!

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