Please switch to Vyew 4

We would like to encourage all of our users to switch their account to Vyew 4. We are no longer developing or supporting Vyew 3. Read more    

Frequent Vyew disconnects?

A few months ago I noticed that Vyew disconnected frequently (every couple minutes) from my home. It wasn’t just a Vyew problem, it happened on my Unix Terminal window as well… it would become jittery. The difference between these two applications and other websites, is that they rely on real-time connections to the server, whereas other websites, are stateless (connect and grab info when needed, instead of keeping an open connection).

Eventually someone mentioned that it might be a WIFI interference issue. Since there were so many other homes around mine who all had wifi, the signals were bumping into each other.

The solution that worked for me, was to change my Wifi channel from the default of 6, to 11. If you are having this issue, try it out.

Go to your router administration, usually in your browser (some brands may vary). Look for Wireless Settings or Wireless Administration. Look for Channel, which will give you a selection of 1 to 11. Pick 1 or 11.

The above, is a temporary solution. Ideally we want Vyew to work in all types of scenarios, so we have some ideas to minimize the problem while in Vyew.

Making Vyew faster

One of our main priorities is to make Vyew load faster. We have been devoting some time to this, and will continue to do so. Our first step in aiding the load process is to remove the “html frames” that are wrapped around each Vyew Meeting. This will decrease load times by about 1 – 1.5 seconds.

The no-frames version of Vyew is ready to roll out, and we will be doing so today (Friday March 4) on one of our servers. This change will be transparent to everyone, but for the weekend, a notice will appear at the top of the screen informing them of this change. In case any problems are experienced, please click the link to contact support as we will be monitoring your responses throughout the weekend.

Crafting a Clear Message

This is the second post in a series about presentations.

“Do only what is necessary to convey what is essential. Carefully eliminate elements that distract from the essential whole…. Clutter, bulk and erudition confuse perception…, whereas simplicity allows clear and direct attention.” −Richard Powell

In my last post, I mentioned the “elevator pitch” test, in which you practice speaking your presentation to a friend in 45 seconds. This important exercise forces you to boil down all your crazy, rambling ideas to the bare essentials.

Including too much information in a presentation is like underlining everything on a page. If everything is important, than nothing is important. If everything is a priority than nothing is a priority. You must be ruthless in your efforts to simplify, but not dumb down, the message to its absolute core. [1] Read more    

Editing Scheduled Meetings

Start the Meeting Wizard

seeWhoHasIn the room where the meeting is scheduled, click on Invite, then See who has access…







…then in the invitation list, click the Edit icon for the meeting.wizard1












Editing the Scheduled Meeting

Adding Invitations to the Meeting

The Invitation Wizard will show a list of all the currently invited people. To add people, type in their email addresses, comma separated. Click Next.

Changing the Meeting Time

Here, you can edit the scheduled meeting time. Click Next.

In the final screen, clicking FINISH will save the scheduled meeting information and re-email everyone who was scheduled to attend.

Deleting Invitations

See here.

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