Editing Scheduled Meetings

Start the Meeting Wizard

seeWhoHasIn the room where the meeting is scheduled, click on Invite, then See who has access…







…then in the invitation list, click the Edit icon for the meeting.wizard1












Editing the Scheduled Meeting

Adding Invitations to the Meeting

The Invitation Wizard will show a list of all the currently invited people. To add people, type in their email addresses, comma separated. Click Next.

Changing the Meeting Time

Here, you can edit the scheduled meeting time. Click Next.

In the final screen, clicking FINISH will save the scheduled meeting information and re-email everyone who was scheduled to attend.

Deleting Invitations

See here.

Vyew featured in Google Chrome’s Web Store

A few months ago Vyew was invited by Google to join their new Web Store. This week, we’re proud to announce Vyew as one of the Google’s featured apps in the Web Store. You can think of the Web Store like the appstore is to the Ipod. It provides users with a simple portal to explore and install web apps into their Chrome browser.

In order to take advantage of the Web Store, Read more    

Server Outage, Dec 1st, 3:52-4:15pm

We apologize to anyone who experienced a problem. One of our servers sprung a memory leak which we have patched so that the issue will not happen again. No meeting data has been lost.

We will continue working to improve our montoring systems so that we can be alerted faster if such a problem should occur in the future.

Vyew 4 – Open to the Public

We’ve been talking about Vyew 4 for a long time now. It was a huge project, and we’re excited to say we’ve finally got a stable version. Starting last week, all newly created Vyew accounts are automatically switched to version 4. Read more    

Better (Online) Presentations in 5 Steps

The first in a series about online presentations. By Tim Hon. Posted Oct 7, 2010.

We’ve all been there − been forced to listen to a terrible presentation while day dreaming about killing the power to the entire building. For a generation, we’ve grown up with PowerPoint, and now, we have a generation of bad presentation-givers. Disagree? You might one of them; most of us are without knowing it. Seth Godin, a marketing and presentation guru, got so fed up he even compiled a book on it.

In an era of online presentations, making eye contact and reading your audience presents a large hurdle. It’s even more critical that the speakers’ delivery and visual aids work as a team.  Read more    

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