Vyew featured in Google Chrome’s Web Store

A few months ago Vyew was invited by Google to join their new Web Store. This week, we’re proud to announce Vyew as one of the Google’s featured apps in the Web Store. You can think of the Web Store like the appstore is to the Ipod. It provides users with a simple portal to explore and install web apps into their Chrome browser.

In order to take advantage of the Web Store, Read more    

Vyew 4 – Open to the Public

We’ve been talking about Vyew 4 for a long time now. It was a huge project, and we’re excited to say we’ve finally got a stable version. Starting last week, all newly created Vyew accounts are automatically switched to version 4. Read more    

Announcing Vyew 4.0 beta

Important: The purpose of the beta release is to let a portion of our users test our new UI and give us feedback. Please read the section below about what is missing. The product itself is not yet ready for mass public use.
Update September 7, 2010: Beta v4.05 Released

We apologize for the lack of status updates. We are working hard and are excited that Vyew 4.0 is almost here! Today we have released another beta version which has many bug fixes. Although it is not 100% ready, all I can say is we are very close. Stay tuned!

The Vyew team has been working hard on a new version we are very proud of. We’re still working out the final kinks, but we have something thats ready to be used. Read more    

Vyew Progress Update (Dec 09)

A few changes this last month:

  • Desktop Sharing – We are working to make this feature more stable and work more seamlessly among presenters. We have installed a few new changes which should facilitate a smoother experience. We are still working on a few more stability features to be released next month. If you still have any problems, be sure to submit a test report here, and use the Vyew Accelerator for desktop sharing.
  • Dynamic Button – The button plugin allows collaborators and up to open external link URL’s automatically for everyone in the room.
  • Bug fixes –  A lot of minor bug fixes including single apostrophes in book names sometimes had problems redirecting when opening.

Coming up…

We have been working hard on our next major version release, Vyew 4.0. We hope to have this launched early in 2010.

  • New, easier to use interface
  • Faster interface response times
  • Faster drawing tools response times
  • Higher security
  • and much more…. to be listed later.

Vyew: A Collaborative WarRoom

A war room is a place that is used to provide centralized command for communications. Unlike a conference room, a war room is dedicated to a specific objective where information is readily available and displayed at all times. Personnel can come in and out to contribute new data and thoughts over-time, or in real-time meetings.

Vyew is a browser-based environment for communication, sharing content, enabling workflow; and all are captured, integrated and managed. Vyew increases the productivity of multiple participant activities … in real-time, any-time and over-time, replicating the functions of the physical war room.

The white paper on the Collaborative WarRoom can be accessed here.

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