Vyew: A Collaborative WarRoom

A war room is a place that is used to provide centralized command for communications. Unlike a conference room, a war room is dedicated to a specific objective where information is readily available and displayed at all times. Personnel can come in and out to contribute new data and thoughts over-time, or in real-time meetings.

Vyew is a browser-based environment for communication, sharing content, enabling workflow; and all are captured, integrated and managed. Vyew increases the productivity of multiple participant activities … in real-time, any-time and over-time, replicating the functions of the physical war room.

The white paper on the Collaborative WarRoom can be accessed here.

Vyew server-side API Released

Your WebApp can now interact with Vyew

Are you a developer? Vyew now has two types of API’s:

1. Client-side API = so you can build plugins in Adobe Flash that import into Vyew

2. Server-side API = If you have a webapp of your own, you can integrate it with Vyew to create Vyew meeting rooms, import content etc.

More information about our API

Vyew 3.0 Article on Webware

Josh Lowensohn of Webware wrote a great review of Vyew 3.0 on September 16th. Here’s the link.

Vyew Releases Vyew Version 3.0

Vyew 3.0 Uniquely Combines Real-time and Always-on Collaboration and Contextual Discussion on Any Digital Content Using Any Browser on Windows, Macintosh or Linux

BERKELEY, Calif. – September 15, 2008 – Vyew, a leading provider of browser-based visual-collaboration and web-conferencing software, today announced the release of Vyew 3.0. Vyew 3.0 improves the experience of web conferencing and visual collaboration with contextual discussions, voice comments, webcam support and other communication enhancements.

Vyew 3.0 is the only conferencing and collaboration platform selected and profiled in the “Collaboration” category in a PC World article, “25 Best Business Software Tools and Web Services,” published on September 7, 2008. A video demonstration of Vyew 3.0 is available here.

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Stanford Engineering Everywhere Launches using Vyew

On September 17 Stanford School of Engineering distributed a news release announcing the launch of Stanford Engineering Everywhere (http://see.stanford.edu), a new online portal that offers engineering courses from Stanford University for free. Here is a link to the news release.

Vyew provides a conferencing and collaboration framework for Stanford Engineering Everywhere in an integrated environment that includes lecture videos and transcripts, handouts, assignments, solutions and discussion forums that can be duplicated and used for annotation or collaborative learning by any individual or educational institution.

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