Vyew Outage – Explanation

We deeply apologize for the outage last week. In the 9 year history of Vyew we have never had such a long outage.

The technical reason for the problem is that in our database of pages, the variable type for the ID numbers was short-sightedly set to an 11-byte signed integer which has a maximum number range of 2.1 Billion.

On Jan 21st, we reached our limit of 2.1 Billion pages.

We fixed this by expanding the variable type. But by the time we saw the issue, much damage had been done and pages were overwriting eachother.

We have reverted everyones rooms to the previous state of this issue, and hope Vyew will run smoothly now.

Thank you for your understanding.

Known Issue — Medias in Room not editable


There is a major bug which we are working on and will release an emergency fix immediately (by today, Thurs, May 3rd). The issue is that a large number of media object (image, document, etc) inside a room are not editable or movable. No data is lost, it is just no editable. We greatly apologize for this huge inconvenience and are working hard to get this fixed ASAP.

Techincal Details

The reason this is happening is because our database reached a limit on the ID numbers for media objects. We are changing the datatype to account for more media objects and are testing the fix right now. We hope to release sometime during the day today, Thursday, May 3rd.

Server Outage, Dec 1st, 3:52-4:15pm

We apologize to anyone who experienced a problem. One of our servers sprung a memory leak which we have patched so that the issue will not happen again. No meeting data has been lost.

We will continue working to improve our montoring systems so that we can be alerted faster if such a problem should occur in the future.

Vyew 4.0 Beta – Fixed intermittent missing pages

Note:On Wednesday at 3pm PST — minor update to fix this bug on the beta server will be performed. At the most, you may experience a temporary error while loading a room. This will last about 10 minutes.

Last week a bug was discovered in which certain pages on the beta product were missing. The data was not lost, it was just not loading. We have fixed it and will be updating the beta server. This bug was reported to occur less than 10% of the time. If you experienced this bug and require a missing page to be replaced, please contact support with the exact Book name/ID and page number.

Database maintenance notice

Over the weekend we ran routine maintenance on our database servers. Today we are re-syncing all our user accounts across all servers to make sure all data is in sync.

Between 11:15am and 12:37pm today (PST Pacific Time), one of our servers fell out of sync, so it may have appeared to a handful of our users, that they had lost some data.

All servers are back in proper working order and no data has been lost. We apologize for the inconvenience.


I just want to reassure all our users:

  • Data integrity and security is our highest priority
  • Vyew is continually sync’d and backed up across multiple U.S. locations
  • All Vyew rooms auto-save to the servers every 3 minutes
  • Incremental backups are made every night
  • Complete snapshot backups made every 3 days

Summary: What happened today, was not a loss of data, but data going out of sync for about 1 hour.

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