Vyew now requires Adobe Flash 10.2+

Vyew users must now have Adobe Flash version 10.2 or greater installed on their system. Users can upgrade here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Read more    

Frequent Vyew disconnects?

A few months ago I noticed that Vyew disconnected frequently (every couple minutes) from my home. It wasn’t just a Vyew problem, it happened on my Unix Terminal window as well… it would become jittery. The difference between these two applications and other websites, is that they rely on real-time connections to the server, whereas other websites, are stateless (connect and grab info when needed, instead of keeping an open connection).

Eventually someone mentioned that it might be a WIFI interference issue. Since there were so many other homes around mine who all had wifi, the signals were bumping into each other.

The solution that worked for me, was to change my Wifi channel from the default of 6, to 11. If you are having this issue, try it out.

Go to your router administration, usually in your browser (some brands may vary). Look for Wireless Settings or Wireless Administration. Look for Channel, which will give you a selection of 1 to 11. Pick 1 or 11.

The above, is a temporary solution. Ideally we want Vyew to work in all types of scenarios, so we have some ideas to minimize the problem while in Vyew.

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