How do I set-up my Custom Logo Banner to replace the advertising?

First, sign up for a PRO account with Vyew, then in the ADD-ONS section add, “Custom Banner”.

About the banner

  1. Create an ad with the maximum dimensions of 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.
  2. Save the ad as a JPEG file.
  3. Email the ad as an attachment with your vyew login email address to support[at] with the subject line of “Custom Ad Set-up”.

Sample banners:

How can I store email addresses to invite people later?

Currently we don’t have a standalone address book built into Vyew. As a convenience, if you have invited someone before, Vyew will remember their email address for you and pop up a suggestion when you go to type in their address again. But there is no system where you can store names, look them up later, as if it were a normal Contact List or Address Book.

If the case is you simply want to invite them at a specific time, you could instead try using the ‘Schedule a meeting’ feature, it allows you to create invitations that only are active at a certain time.

How do I archive a Vyewbook for asynchronous viewing?

All vyewbooks are asynchronous by nature. There are 2 ways take advantage of this.

1. Setup the VyewBook so anyone can view it:
Set the VyewBook access control to:”open to anyone”, with default usertype as “viewer” and make sure sync mode is OFF.
(Why sync mode off?

Now, you can give out the direct URL to that VyewBook and anyone can come into it.

2. Publish a VyewBook as read-only
Each VyewBook can be published with a separate URL as its parent VyewBook, or embedded into a webpage or blog.
To do so, open the VyewBook, goto the BOOK menu and click PUBLISH.
More on that:

How do I enlarge the Webcam Videos?

Currently the only way to do so is to drag out the sidebar by dragging the dividing line between VyewBook page, and sidebar stack (which contains the userlist, chat, etc).
Then you can enlarge the webcam video pod downward by dragging down the dividing line between webcam/voip pod and the chat pod.

Yes, this is a lame way of doing it, our next major version will make this easier.

What is the user limit (maximum) for a meeting?

Currently our max is 100.
We have plans to expand this in coming versions.

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