What is the user limit (maximum) for a meeting?

Currently our max is 100.
We have plans to expand this in coming versions.

How do I upload MP3 files into a VyewBook?

In your VyewBook click the IMPORT button in the upper left area. Upload an MP3 from your computer, or paste in a link to one (in the advanced section). This will cause an MP3 player to appear on that VyewBook page.

If you VyewBook is in SYNC MODE, when you click Play, the MP3 will play for everyone in your meeting.

NOTE: There is a 30Mb limit on uploading MP3′s. If you need to play a larger file, you must host it on a server elsewhere then upload a link to it in Vyew.

Can users outside of the US dial in to the conference call?

Anyone outside of the United States can call in to the conference call number. Please note, however, that standard long distance charges will apply.

How can I use Vyew while teaching a class?

Using Vyew during class

You can use Vyew to load a powerpoint or presentation of your daily teaching outline. If questions come up you can make notes or use the whiteboard to explain. This also allows students who are out sick or not able to come to class, to attend and listen/watch the class.

After class is over

Once class is over, you can make a duplicate of the room and make the URL public, so students can come back in later to continue discussions, make notes or ask questions. You can also publish a read-only version which you can embed into a website or blog.

Any other suggestions, ideas or questions

Please make a comment below.

What is makeswf.exe and why does it look like spyware?

makeswf.exe is a utility file used by Vyew Accelerator during recording to combine recorded screenshots into a single file to be sent to our server. It has come to our attention that some anti-spyware scanners such as “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” classifies this file as a “Trojan.Agent.”

We built that file ourselves and there is absolutely no spyware in it, it is a mis-diagnosis by the scanner.

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