Opening Firewall Ports for Vyew

Vyew normally works through a firewall, but in some cases, if the firewall settings are very secure or too “smart”, the Vyew proxy server may get blocked.

Opening up your firewall

In your firewall or router, you will need to open up ports 80, 1936 and 1937 to and from the following IP addresses:

You may not need to open all these IPs– try one at a time.

I don’t understand. What is a port? How do I open it?

On the internet an IP Address can be likened to a telephone number. A port is like an extension number. If the IP address points to your computer, the port number points to a specific application or connection on your computer.

To open a port in your firewall you need to have administrator access to the firewall. Instructions on opening ports is beyond the scope of this documentation. You should contact your administrator, or someone you know who’ll have a better idea of what this means. Essentially a firewall is a traffic cop allowing or rejecting traffic to/from your computer. If it’s being to strict, rejecting the wrong traffic, then settings need to be changed to allow in this traffic.

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