Vyew Quick Start Guide

This guide assumes you’ve already registered for a Vyew account.

Introduction to Vyew – A Collaboration Utility

Vyew (pronounced “view”) is a free online collaboration and web conferencing utility that has a broad range of applications and uses for working in groups:

Vyew Rooms are continually auto-saved

Each meeting takes place inside a Vyew Room. A Vyew Room is a collection of pages which can hold many types of content which is available to the participants in that room. All content created and uploaded to Vyew is continually auto-saved and can be accessed anytime by any users to whom you allow access.

The Vyew Room also houses the communication tools listed below.

Communicating within Vyew

  • VoIP (Voice over IP) – Use your computer mic and headset to talk to people in your Vyew room.
  • Webcam – Up to 4 people at one time can broadcast their camera to everyone in your Vyew Room.
  • Text Chat – Chat with everyone in your Vyew Room, or initiate a private chat with one viewer.
  • Free Teleconferencing – Dial in to a land line for a full-featured teleconference room.

Learn more: When to use which communication method.

Creating a New Meeting Room

Inside a Vyew Room

  • Login to your account.
  • In the “Home” tab, click Create New Room.
  • Rename the room.
    1. Click on the room’s current name near the upper left of Vyew.
    2. The Room Settings box appears. Click Rename.
    3. Change the name in the Rename Room box. Type Enter or click OK, then click Submit to finish.
  • newRoomCommunicationSidepodMinimized

  • The communications bar on the right (which may be minimized) allows you to use the webcam, VoIP, chat and access the free conference call number.

    If minimized, click anywhere along the extreme right side to open.

  • newRoomWhiteboardPaletteMinimized

  • On the left, the drawing palette allows you to draw, highlight, insert text, insert sticky notes (text and voice comments), and delete objects.

    If minimized, click on the “Pencil” icon.

  • The top of the screen has tabs to switch between
    your Home, the open Vyew Room, and Desktop Sharing.

    Inserting Content into a Vyew Room

    Vyew can import these types of content:

    • Microsoft Office -.doc .ppt .xls .docx .pptx .xlsx
    • Adobe PDF – .pdf
    • Open Document – (OpenOffice and LibreOffice files) .odt .ods .odp
    • Text Files – .txt .rtf
    • Images – .jpg .png .gif .bmp
    • Flash Movies/Applications – .swf (Learn more)
    • Audio Files – .mp3 (Learn more)
    • Video Files – .flv (Video files must be hosted by a third-party. See Inserting Video Files.)
    • Screenshots using Vyew’s Screen Capture tool.

    Two ways to insert content:

    • insertContentHomeIn the “Home” tab, click Upload Content in the upper left of Vyew.
    • insertContentRoomInside a Vyew Room, click Insert near the upper center of Vyew.

    Muli-page documents will be inserted as multiple pages in Vyew. They will be linked, so moving and resizing one will move and resize them all. Learn More

    The max file import size is 30MB, but we recommend keeping your files around 10MB. Break up your files into smaller sections if needed.

    Using the Screen Capture tool

    Insert a full or cropped snapshot of your desktop into your room.

    1. Click Insert, then Screen Capture.
    2. screenCapture1

    3. The Vyew Screen Capture applet will appear over anything on your desktop. Arrange your desktop for capture.
    4. Click Capture Screen.
    5. screenCapture2-550

    6. Crop to your preference, then click Confirm Screen Shot.
    7. screenCapture3-550

    8. The image will appear in your Vyew Room.
    9. Click Cancel to close the Vyew Screen Capture applet.

Learn more: Inserting a screen shot.

Use plugins for more functionality:

  • Button – A dynamic button that can take your participants to another page, another Vyew room, another website, and more.
  • Graphing Calc – Draw graphs of multiple user-defined functions on an X-Y axis.
  • Equation Editor – Create and display complex math equations.
  • MP3 Player – MP3s can be played within Vyew Rooms for all participants to hear.
  • Calendar – A simple one-month calendar that you can annotate as desired.

If you’re a developer, you can write your own plugins.

Drawing/Annotating and Managing Content

The whiteboard tool palatte on the left of Vyew includes:whiteboardToolPalatte

  • Edit Menu – Undo, cut/copy/paste, clear page or selected items, filter objects by user, and more.
  • Selection Tool – Move or modify objects.
  • Line Tools – Draw freehand and highlight on the Vyew Room whiteboard with color and width options, or straight lines with color, width and arrowhead options.
  • Text Tool – Insert text with color, font, size, bold, italics and underline options.
  • Comment Tool – Post text or voice “sticky notes” on the page to comment and start a discussion.
  • Shape Tools – Draw rectangles and ellipses with border color, border width, and fill color options.
  • Delete Tool – Delete any object, depending on user permissions.

todo:add note about hotkeys when hotkeys are ready

Inviting People into your Vyew Rooms

There are two ways:

  • Invite People… – Our Invitation Manager will send an email with a link granting them the type of access you specify. Learn more about Invites.
  • Get link to share… – Any user with the direct URL can join without an invitation, as long as proper access controls are set. Learn More.
  • You can specify your invitees’ permissions, like being able to draw, add content, or view only. (More about User Roles and Permissions.)
  • A Vyew Room in Sync Mode removes the rights of “Viewers” to navigate pages. A Vyew Room in Unsync Mode does allow “Viewers” to roam freely. (More about Sync Mode.)
  • You can also specify an invitee’s ability to make a copy of the room.

Sharing Your Screen in real-time

  • Broadcast all or a cropped portion of your desktop to everyone in your room.
  • Allow any other user in the room to broadcast their desktop.
Note: Java 1.6 is required to broadcast your screen. (Viewers do not need java, however.) Test your browser here.

To start sharing:

  1. Click the Screen Share tab.
  2. Click Start Sharing Screen.
  3. javaSecurityWarningIf a Java security pop-up appears, click Run. (Shown here is the pop-up on Windows 7. It may appear different on your computer.)
  4. screenShareAppletThe Vyew Screen Share applet will appear. You are now broadcasting. Select FullScreen or Crop mode.
  5. Click Stop Sharing when done.

Learn More: Desktop Sharing Guide

So, what can I do with Vyew?


Upload a powerpoint and present it with your webcam and mic.

Document Review

  • Upload your document for review by colleagues at their convenience.
  • They can mark it up with the pen, the highlighter, text, sticky notes and voice notes.
  • Content is continually saved and accessible any time.
  • Use the communications tools to discuss changes.

Learn more: Review/Approval Tool.

Tutoring and Training

  • Instructors can upload course material for real-time presentations, then students can meet online and collaborate in real time, or work separately any time.
  • Students can copy the instructor’s Vyew Room, make it their own, and begin study groups. Instructors can go into to any of the duplicated Vyew Rooms and observe the discussions.

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  1. Joyce says:

    Great article. FYI, minor typo under “types of invitations”, which is:

    Anytime collaboration – Normal Vyew Invitations allow users to access the Vyew Room anytime they want, until your (should be “you”) delete the invite.



    Thx. Fixed now…


  2. Vika says:

    Very clear. Thanks.


  3. Jhony Jaimes says:

    Excellent tool! Congratulations. I only hope it remains free forever!


  4. Geoff says:

    I would like to share screens, however I have multiple screens. is there a way to change which monitor/screen is being shared? When I chose the crop option, Vyew only allows me to select an area on the primary screen.



    No, sorry, Vyew screen share only broadcasts monitor 1.


  5. markt says:

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