Vyew’s FREE Conference Call Service

It’s a great way to bring your collaborators and participants together via telephone. Moderators have access to mute controls when handling large groups (see Advanced Features).

  • Vyew Teleconference Number: (218) 862-6114
  • The access code/extension is found in your Vyew Room.

Getting Your Access Code

Click on Conference Call for Free link at the bottom of the Chat Pod, near the bottom right corner of Vyew. This will display the call-in number and extension (or “access code”) for everyone in that room.

  • 800 Toll-Free Number?

    Sorry, we do not supply a toll-free number.

  • Using Your Own Conference Call Number

    If you have your own service, you can edit the displayed call-in number:

    1. Double click on the current conference call number displayed at the bottom of the chat pod.
    2. At the bottom of the Room Settings box, change the number and click Submit.
  • An Alternative to Conference Calling

    Up to 4 people can simultaneously use Vyew’s VOIP Push To Talk feature.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Vyew’s conference call service is provided via partnership with FreeConference.com. There are no per minute charges, however, long-distance charges may apply since it is not a toll-free 800 number.

Starting a Teleconference

  1. Dial the conference number
  2. Input your extention (access code), then # (pound). Note that moderators should dial * (star) before entering their access code to give them access to the Advanced Features.

You will hear music if no one else is in the room. You will hear a tone when someone enters the room.

Advanced Features

For Moderators Only – Moderators must dial * before they enter the access code to access the call options.

  • Muting Everyone Except Moderators
    Dialing *7 will switch between these modes:

    • Conversation Mode (default) = Everyone can speak
    • Q/A Mode = Everyone is muted, except call organizer (anyone can unmute themselves with *6)
    • Presentation Mode = Only the call organizer(s) can speak.
  • Complete Call Options List
    *0 = Exit private call
    *1 = Enter private call (You need to know the other persons private caller code)
    *2 = Get my private caller code
    *4 = Help menu
    *5 = Lock/Unlock conference
    *6 = Mute/unmute yourself
    *7 = Cycle between call modes (Conversation/QA/Presentation)
  • Using the conference call MUTE feature with Vyew handraising
    If you have over 10 people in a room and you are giving a presentation, it could get chaotic on the phone conference. This is the recommended way to manage a lot of users.:

    • Use *7 Presentation Mode in the phone conference so that only moderators can speak
    • Tell your users to raise their hand in Vyew if they have a question or would like to speak
    • Give them the option of chatting their question. If you would like them to speak, dial *7 to change to Conversation Mode
    • After they have spoken, change back to Presentation Mode with *7.

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Comments (15 Responses)

  1. Emily Eisenhauer says:

    I dialed the conference number but it doesn’t link into the VOIP conversation so people on the phone cannot hear what people on the VOIP are saying. It seems that everyone has to be either on VOIP or on the phone to hear each other, is this true?



    Yes this is true, VOIP and Teleconference are separate . It’s one or the other.


  2. Carol says:

    How do I know that I am the organizer when I dial into the call? Is there a separate call for me, as the organizer to use?



    Same call-in number, except the organizer dials a * (asterisk) before the access code.


  3. Daniel says:

    I dialed the number but i coudnt find a single person. Everytime i call, am the only person in the room…what can i do?



    Send a message to support:
    Address the message to Tim, and ask to setup a time to test it.


  4. Latrice says:

    Hi I do not see an access code with my conference number.



    I appears you have updated your conf. call number to your own number (not ours). This is fine, but when you edit the number you need to add the access code in there yourself, so that your conf. call number would be: “XXX-XXX-XXXX Code:XXXX” Then this number will show up in the invites and in the room.


  5. Pauline says:

    Is free conference calling available in the US only, and not in Canada?



    It should work anywhere, but you should check your long distance rates make sure its not too crazy. Note you can also use skype to call into that number it might be cheaper.


  6. Eve-Marie says:

    When I dial into the conference number, I get a message “All circuits are busy now”. I’m calling from Canada – is this causing the problem?



    Sorry, havent heard of this problem before. We are partnered with another service which provides this service. Can you try again see if it’s still like that. I think that it should work from anywhere.



    I just tried it now (noon, Sunday) and I get the same message.


    I am having the same issue dialing in from a VOIP provider (VoicePulse).


    Is the issue that it is not recognizing your key presses to enter the code number?

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