How to Use VoIP (Talk button)

The VOIP (Push To Talk Button) utilizes Adobe Flash’s built-in audio codec to send audio from your computer mic to the headset of anyone in your meeting room.

Allowing Flash to access your Microphone

The first time you use VoIP, you will be asked to allow Flash access to your mic. See this troubleshooting guide for more information.

Duplex Audio

Up to 4 people can use their mics at the same time, but everyone in your room will be able to hear. Anyone else will have to wait for one person to turn off their mic before they will be able to use theirs.

Quality Settings

If some of your meeting attendees experience audio drop outs, garbled sound, or distortion, try stopping your mic, changing to a lower quality setting, then resuming.

Approximate bandwidth usage for VoIP:

  • Low – 10-20 Kbps
  • Regular – 15-30 Kbps
  • High – 25-45 Kbps

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