Using Text Chat

chatPodThe chat pod is located to the lower right of Vyew. Type into the input box and hit enter. Anyone in the room can read your chats.

Private Chat Rooms

Only users with Reviewer or higher permissions can initiate private chats.

privateChatClick the Start Private Chat button startPrivate and select the users with whom you’d like a private chat. Other users will not be able to see these chats.

A private chat tab will appear next to the All tab. You can click between the different chat tabs.

Chat History

chatOptionsTo clear your chat history, as a moderator or owner, click the Chat menu and select Clear Chat History.

Chat history is NOT saved after logging out or changing rooms. To retain chat information, click the Chat menu and select Download Chat, to save a text file to your computer, or Save Chat to Room, to save a text box in your room.

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