VoIP Troubleshooting


  • Do you have a headset with a mic hooked up to your computer? Are you sure it works?
  • Did you go through the mic setup process?
  • Do you have a good browser? We recommend Firefox or Chrome. We’ve already seen a couple instances where upgrading the browser fixed the problem.

Adjusting Volume

There are 3 ways to adjust your mic volume when using Vyew.

    • In Vyew: Click on the microphone icon, next to your name in the userlist near the top right of Vyew. Adjust the volume slider or mute.
    • In Flash Settings: Right click anywhere on an open Vyew Room, click on Settings…. In the Adobe Flash Player Settings box, click on the Microphone tab. Adjust the slider, using the green volume meter, then click Close.
Flash audio settings
Flash Volume Settings
  • In your operating system:
      • In Windows 7: Click Start -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording tab. Double click on the default recording device, then on the Levels tab. Adjust the volume and Microphone Boost sliders. Click OK.
      • In Windows XP: Click Start -> Control Panel -> Sound and Audio -> Audio tab. In the Voice Recording section, for the default device, click on the Volume button. With the slider, adjust the microphone volume. Click OK.
    Win XP microphone volume
    Win XP microphone volume
    • In Mac OSX: In Finder, click Applications -> System Preferences -> Sound -> Input tab. Select the correct input device and adjust the Input Volume.

I Can’t Broadcast Sound

This usually means your microphone device is not properly selected.

  1. Bring up the Adobe Flash Settings box by right clicking (control+click on Mac) anywhere inside a Vyew Room and selecting Settings….flash mic settings
  2. Go to the Microphone tab.
  3. Do you see any Microphone device in the dropdown menu?
    • YES: Continue to step 5.
    • NO: Your sound card is not properly installed or drivers for the mic device are not setup. Fixing this is beyond the scope of this document. Try googling it or ask your local techie.
  4. There is a sound level indicator (the vertical green bar in the example above) which should be jumping up and down when you speak into your mic. If not, click to expand the Microphone dropdown menu. Is there more than one device listed?
    • YES: Try selecting a different mic device as you talk into your mic to see if the sound level moves. If you find the correct one and you see the sound level moving, you are done. Vyew VOIP will work now. If not, continue to step 6.
    • NO: Continue to step 6.
  5. The correct mic devices are probably not selected by your sound card/driver. Take note of the Mic device that initially appears in the Microphone dropdown in the Flash Player Settings, then…
    • For Windows…
        1. In Windows XP, go to Start button -> Control Panel -> Sound and Audio Devices -> Audio tab -> Sound Recording section.
        2. In Windows 7, go to Start button -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording tab.
        3. Verify which device is selected as default. It should match what was selected in the Flash Player Settings.
      Win XP and Flash audio devices match
      Win XP and Flash audio devices match
    • For Mac…
      1. From Finder, click Applications -> System Preferences -> Sound -> Input tab.
      2. Choose the device that was selected in the Flash Player Settings. Make sure it’s Input Volume is maximized.
    • For Linux…
      • Similar to Windows and Mac, verify that the default input device for your system is the same one that was primarily selected by Flash. Make sure nothing is muted and volume levels are at or close to 100%.
  6. Try a different mic/headset device, maybe there is problem with your mic device.
  7. After changing/checking all the above settings, try restarting your browser.
  8. Still doesn’t work? Please contact Vyew Supportand convey this information:
    • What were the results of each of the above tests?
    • What is your operating system and browser/version?
    • What type of sound card do you have? What microphone device is selected?
    • Does your mic work for any other software online? Like skype?

I Can’t Hear Any Sound

  • Try your speakers on a YouTube video. Do they work?
    • YES: If your speakers work with YouTube, they should also work with Vyew. Please contact support if this is the case.
    • NO: Make sure you speakers are on and plugged in to the right jack. Make sure your computer sound card is recognized. Fixing this issue is beyond the scope of this document, you’ll need to contact someone who knows how to fix it.

My Sound is Choppy or Drops Out

There could be a couple of reasons for choppy sound:

  • For the person talking, their computer and/or bandwidth is too slow.
  • For the person talking, their microphone may be broken or have sensitivity issues.
  • For the person listening, their computer and/or bandwidth is too slow.
  • Internet congestion.
  • Something is wrong with Vyew VoIP servers.

Let’s try to isolate the problem.

  • Which computer? Try getting a 3rd person in the room. Is it choppy for all listeners? If so, there’s a good chance its a problem with the computer of the person talking.
  • Check the Microphone: Go to the browser test page, perform the Microphone Test, and see if it’s choppy during recording/playback. Try a different mic– your current may be broken, or may be too sensitive and overloading the signal. Try adjusting the mic input in your operating system’s sound mixer or in the Adobe Flash Player Settings dialog box.
  • Check the Bandwidth: Try playing a YouTube video, is it choppy on playback? If so, your bandwidth is suffering. If you’re on WiFi, try a wired connection. If broadcasting, try reducing your broadcast quality.
  • Check the CPU:
    • On Windows…
      • Click the Start button (then Run… in XP), type “taskmgr” and press ENTER.
      • Click on the Performancetab in the Task Manager.
        Task Manager
        Windows XP Task Manager
    • On Mac…
      • In Finder, open Applications -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor, then click on the CPU tab.
    • The CPU Usage graph shows how hard the CPU is working. While keeping this window open, try speaking with someone in a Vyew room over VoIP. If the CPU usage graph spikes to 100% during speaking or listening, then this means your computer is too slow to handle it.

    Still can’t figure it out? Contact us with your problem and specify all the different methods you tried to solve or isolate the problem.

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