Can I put thousands of pages into a Vyew Room?

We currently have a max page count per Vyew Room / Meeting of 300.

Although thousands of pages is a possibility in the future, the original system

was not designed with that in mind. You would need to break up your content

into blocks of 200 or 300… then you could put buttons at the end of each block,

that jumped the user to the next Vyew Room. These buttons are built in to Vyew.

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  1. I don’t get the pricing. If I do a professional package and hold meetings in which 20, 30, 76, 21, and 140 people attend. Is my cost for that month 19.95 plus $125 for the number of people at the largest meeting? Or do you charge by the total unique visitors for the month?



    Imagine a physical conference room with 60 seats in it. You pay per seat. At any given time you can then have up to 60 people in the room. It doesn’t matter what combination of people are in the room throughout the month, but 60 is the max at one time. Currently our max is 80, which we have a half price deal on… for 50cents per person per month. (Normal cost is about $1/user/month)


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