Quizzing / Polling in a Vyew Room

A quiz/polling feature is frequent request, and it is on the timeline, but as of now, Vyew does not have one.

One serviceable workaround is to have your participants use the Status feature. By clicking on their own name in the userlist, and selecting Change status to:, users can select one of the five status options to express their responses.

Updated: September 30th, 2011 · Tags: ,

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  1. David Yew says:

    Is it possible to have a means to rearrange or reorder my questions? Cos I might insert the questions in the wrong sequence.

    Could there be a means to import a list of questions via a text file, in a formatted way, so that I can prepare ahead and insert into the plugin easily?



    Both of these are great features that we definitely would like to add. It is not available at this time, but I will add it to our todo list. Thanks for the suggestions. The rearranging should be an easy addition.


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