Using the Diagram

A simple way to create a diagram

Setting up a Diagram

  1. In your Vyew Room, click on the Plugin button (puzzle piece icon in top row of buttons), ¬†then choose “DiagramVyew Beta“¬† then click, “Load”
  2. Click on a shape to place in the document area
  3. To edit the text, click over the text within the shape
  4. To move the shape, click and drag within shape, but not over the text

Connecting the shapes

  1. Click on the “connect” button
  2. Click on the first shape, then click on the second shape (the arrow will point from first shape to second shape)
  3. To stop connecting shapes, click on he “connect” button again

Deleting shapes and lines

  1. Click on the “delete” button
  2. Click on the shape or line to delete. To delete a line, click on the arrowhead of the line
  3. To stop deleting, click on the “delete” button again

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Comments (2 Responses)

  1. Lyndon says:

    It appears that users (viewers) can delete diagrams that have been created by owner. Can you explain the reasoning behind this please?



  2. Vyew says:

    This looks like a bug inside the diagram plugin. Thanks for posting the but, I have alerted the team.


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