Java Troubleshooting

The Desktop Sharing and Screen Capture tools in Vyew require Java 1.6 (aka 6.0) to be installed into your browser. It is easy, free and takes about 1 minute to install.



Java 1.7 (aka 7.0) works, but no extensive testing has been done on it yet.

What Java Version Do I have?

Java Version Confusion: Oracle marketing renumbered Java versions for no real reason other than looks. So for the record, Java 7.0 = Java 1.7, Java 6.0 = Java 1.6, and Java 5.0 = Java 1.5.
  • Vyew Desktop Sharing and Screen Shot tool requires Java 1.6 (aka 6.0).
  • Check your version at our Browser Test Page.

To Install or Upgrade Java

Apple supplies their own version of Java for MacOSs. Running Software Update should keep Java in tune on a Mac.
On Linux, you must use Oracle’s brand of Java, not OpenJDK. See here and here.
  1. If you have an old version of Java installed
  2. Go to
  3. Click the Free Java Download button.

Java Version Conflicts

If you have multiple Java versions installed, it’s likely our Desktop Sharing applet will not work. Even if you think you have only one version of Java, there may be an old one lurking in your computer. Here’s how to check if you have multiple versions (and get rid of old ones):

  1. Go to START > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs (in Windows). This will list all of your programs. You will see something like “Java(TM) 6 update 17″. Uninstall all but the newest one. (Don’t worry, if you need the old versions, you can reinstall them here).
  2. Don’t celebrate yet—you probably still have the old Java files on your computer, but your computer doesn’t realize it. Check C:\Program Files\Java (in Windows). There you will see the folders that hold all of the Java Files. You should have one or two, but you may very well see three or four. You should have jre6 or jre1.6.0_<version> or both. Anything more and you have multiple versions of Java. To get rid of them, just delete the folders that aren’t jre6 and the latest jre1.6.0_<version>. If you still need the old versions, create another folder, e.g. “old_java_versions”, and put them in there. You may need to relink these versions to the programs that use them. Our desktop sharing program will see then only the one version of Java.

Rarely, this may fail. You will then need to repeat steps 1 and 2 and uninstall and delete all of your Java versions, restart your computer, and reinstall the latest Java version from

Accepting the Java Security Notice

Java Security Notice on Windows 7. Yours may appear different.

Java Security Notice on Windows 7.Yours may appear different.

During your first run of either Desktop Sharing or Screen Capture, you may see a Java Security Notice, which will ask you if you want to run the Vyew Applet. Click Run or OK, to continue. If you do not accept this notice the Vyew features will not work. You will need to refresh or restart your browser and try again.

Still doesn’t work?

  • Vyew tends to be a bit more thoroughly tested on Mozilla Firefox. Try it if you’re not already.
  • Contact Supportand let us know:
    • Each step you took.
    • Any exact error messages you received.
    • What browser version and operating system you are using.

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Comments (2 Responses)

  1. C Brown says:

    First had severe hang up when tried to accept the exception (certificate). The first time, I had to get out of FireFox (FF) completely. The second time, it went through, but with considerable lag time – and with the error message. The third time, also lag time – but figured I’d check the “trust” button. No error message – until I actually clicked to share my desktop (not the one initial button, but the one at the top of the screen.) Had problems with both FF and IE. Tried the test; it did not finish. One time, tried getting rid of an earlier version of Java. Still went to the error message and then to this page.

    The Support link doesn’t work any more…



    Hi, sorry about all this. We are working to make this easier to deal with.


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