My powerpoint file gets cut off or cropped

Vyew import is based on how the file looks when it is printed. If it looks wrong in Vyew, chances are it would look wrong when you try to print it.

  • It’s possible the content extends beyond the borders of the page, in your powerpoint file.
  • Open the powerpoint file and check the Print Preview. Does it look cut off there? If so, scale down the content.
  • If its a .PPTX, try saving it as the older version .PPT.

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  1. Aparna Vijay says:

    I am unable to upload an excel file, I dont want a preview of the file. It should just be a file inside a folder. How can I do this?



    What is the error you are getting when uploading?
    More info on importing content:



    You are saying you want your users to be able to download the excel… not view it?


    Aparna vijay

    Yes. That is exactly my question.


    Yeah I want to do that too. Any suggestions on how to do it? I’d just like to use a page as a ‘document store’ so people can download some files from there, they don’t need to view it online.


    In Vyew, when you upload a file, user who are “collaborators” are able to download or view the file. They must go into the room to do so. To download it, they rollover the file in the lower left corner and a “download link” will appear.

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