Glossary of Terms used in Vyew

Asynchonous Collaboration – Vyew Meetings can be available to participants anytime, not just during specified “meetings,” and content in meetings are always auto-saved and available forever until deleted.

Collaborator – A user in a Vyew Room which can add content and draw/annotate. They can also delete only their own content.

Concurrent Users – The number of users in the same Vyew Room at the same time. The limit to concurrent users is based on which Vyew package you have (free or paid). Check your Account Settings for your limit.

Concurrent Meeting – The number of Vyew Rooms which are open and have 2 or more people in them at the same time within the same Vyew account. Most Vyew packages only allow 1 meeting to occur at the same time. The Pro account and others may have higher limits.

Guest – persons that have not been explicitly invited to your Vyew Rooms and are granted “viewer” status by default. Vyew allows “Guests” to access Vyew Rooms that have been set to “Open to Anyone”, facilitating ad-hoc collaboration: Simply provide any person a direct URL to your Vyew Room to join your session. Guests can also text-chat, regardless of Synch Mode status.

Invitation – When a user is invited to a Vyew Room, they have access to enter the book based on the invitation settings. The settings include setting the time/date at which they can enter, and what their role/permission is. When a user is invited, an email may also be sent to them with a special invite link to enter the Vyew Room.

Meeting/Room – See Vyew Room.

Moderator – A user in a Vyew Room which hows the power of an owner, but cannot change account settings. They can modify other users roles and permissions.

Reviewer – A user in a Vyew Room which is below the role/permissions of a Collaborator. They can only draw/annotate in the Vyew Room.

Roles – Allows you to define what each user in your meeting is allowed to do. (More info)

Viewer - A user in a Vyew Room which can only view content and cannot add, edit or delete.

Vyew – (pronounced ‘view’) was born of a vision to merge virtual space with human interaction, empowering users to communicate and collaborate with each other remotely. Through Vyew, you can “Share Your View”. The Y in Vyew is representative of “Your”. Of course, the name “Vyew” is also unique, short and easy to remember.

Vyew Room – A workspace/meeting room where collaboration takes place. A Vyew Room also holds all content in pages created during the meeting for use persistantly (available anytime). Please watch the Getting Started Demo for an introduction to Vyew.

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