Inviting people with a Direct URL

Instead of using the Vyew Invitation Manager, you can also email people the URL of the Vyew Room, e.g.:


NOTE: To use direct URL’s, Vyew Room access control must be set to “Open To Anyone,” or “Private” with a set password.

Setting Access Control: Open To Anyone

To allow users to come in directly to a Vyew Room without needing an invite, set the “Room Access” to “Anyone with the link:”.


You can then set the permissions level of the users who enter your Vyew Room through the direct URL:

  • UserTypeViewerThey can view – to limit their access to just viewing. (A Viewer.)
  • UserTypeReviewerThey can draw / comment – to allow them to view, markup, and comment on content. (A Reviewer.)
  • UserTypeCollaboratorThey can draw / comment and upload – to allow them to review and upload content. (A Collaborator.)
  • Click on “More Options” to be able to assign users Moderator privileges.

More about User Roles/Permissions.

Setting Access Control: Password Protect a Vyew Room

For added security, you can distribute your room’s URL generally, then give the password only to selected users. Users without the password will be sent to your lobby.
Set the “Room Access” to “Private – only invited users”, then check “or people with this password:” and enter your room’s password in the box.

How Sync Mode affects Viewer Permissions

You should also be aware that a book’s Sync Mode affects whether a Viewer user role can navigate or not. Please read this section: “How Sync Mode affects Viewer Roles“.

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