Inviting and Sharing Rooms – Overview

Three types of invitations

  • Open Access – Allow a user anytime, until you un-invite them. Usually for asynchronous collaboration.
  • Timed Access – Allow a user immediately, for a limited time. Usually for synchronous collaboration.
  • Scheduled Access – Allow a user access only during a specific time. Usually for presentations.

Starting the Invite Wizard

Two ways:

  • From Home, click the Invite link next to the Room name.

  • invite2From a room, click on Invite in the Vyew bar, then Invite People….

The Invite Wizard

  1. Recipient info


    • To: – Email(s) where the invitation(s) will be sent.
    • Message: – Optional message to attendees.
    • Include Conference Call Number – Include your meeting’s free conference call number and extension.
    • Send me a confirmation email – Send yourself a copy of the invitation.
  2. When should they have access to this room?


    • Anytime – Open access. Recipients may access your room immediately, and anytime, even in your absence.
    • Starting from now – Timed access. Recipients may access your room immediately, for a limited time.
    • Scheduled meeting – Recipients may access your room at a specified time, for a limited time.
      • Send a reminder – Schedule a reminder email before the meeting.
  3. Invitee Options

    • For open and timed access invitations :wizard3a

      • What is their role? – What permissions the user has inside the room.
      • Allow users to share with others?
        • Yes – The user can forward their invitation to someone else.
        • No – To prevent a user from forwarding their invite, we force them to register. This may be inconvenient for some, and may expose their email to other users.
      • More Options
        • User can make a copy of the Room – User can copy the entire room into their own Vyew Room collection.
        • Notify me when they enter the Room – You will get an email when this user enters the Room.

    • For scheduled meetings:wizard3b

      • Can attendees navigate from page to page? – Turns sync mode on or off.

Managing Existing Invitations


  • Under Invited Users you can modify, resend, or delete an open or timed access invitation.
  • manageInvites2

  • Clicking on the Scheduled Meeting bar, you can modify invitees, or the meeting itself.

Editing Scheduled Meetings

SeeĀ here.

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