Help! Users are not receving email invitations being sent to them

In the past we’ve had various reports of email delivery problems. As of Oct 2011, we have investigated this in depth, made some fixes, added more detailed tracking, and have fixed the problem. Additionally we are testing out a new delivery system that could be more reliable.

Common problems

  • We get a ton of bounced mail – from people who invite others and mispell their email addresses. Please double check that.
  • Spam box? – We are working hard to keep our mail out of your users’ spam boxes, so ask them to check it, and if you do find some in a spam box, please let us know. Include these details: Room owner’s email (login), recipients email, what type of mail client they are using (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc).

Still have issues?

If you are still having problems, please contact us and give us this information:

  • Approx. time/date that you sent the invite
  • Who you sent it to
  • What room you invited them to

We will then try to track down what happened.

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