The Group Library – Sharing Rooms With A Group

The Group Library is only available to Enterprise Customers. Contact us to find out more about Enterprise features and pricing.


The Group Library allows an admin to designate rooms which are easily available to everyone in the group or a sub-group. When a room is added to the library it will appear in everyones Home area under the group name. They can then open it and duplicate it. Under normal conditions they cannot edit the room until they duplicate it.


Adding a Room to a Group



  • As a Group Admin, login to your Vyew account (home tab)
  • Drag a room into one of the group nodes
  • If the room is owned by someone else in group, they should first invite / share it with the Group Admin Viewing Rooms from the Group Library
  • Once a room is shared into a Group Library, it will be accessible by everyone in the group at the bottom of the tree in the Home tab area.
  • Selecting a group in the tree will show all the rooms available in the Group Library.


Click a Room to open it. Duplicate it, to edit it.





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