Publishing/embeding a Vyew Room to a blog/website

Follow these steps to embed an entire Vyew Room into a web page or blog article:

1. Get the Meeting ID. Log in to Vyew and go to the Home tab. Locate the Room and roll your mouse over it until an indicator pops up telling you what the Meeting ID is. In the example here, the Meeting ID is 5555_524891. Write that down.

Write down the Meeting ID

Write down the Meeting ID


2. Set the Read/Write Access – Click and go into the Room, select INVITE / GET LINK TO SHARE… If you want people to have “read-only” access, so they can’t change the content, set it to “They can view”. Then click SUBMIT. (Also note that SYNC MODE should be off, if you want Viewers to be able to navigate pages. Set SYNC MODE by going into the room)

Set the desired access setting


3. Paste this HTML code into your web site:

<iframe src="" style="width:800px; height:600px;"></iframe>

  • XXXXXX_XXXXXX = Replace this part with the MEETING ID from Step 1. (ie. 5555_12345)
  • WIDTH and HEIGHT = This snippet currently has the width/height set to 800×600 pixels. You can change those values to whatever you like, or change them to percentage values such as:
    • width:90%; height:90%;  (note that some browsers don’t respect the height variable as percentages, so using actual pixesl (px) is recommended)

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  1. Tulin says:

    I chose to use New my home and now I can’t switch back to the Old my home. Use old my home button doesn’t appear on my screen as you show on the screenshot , instead there is Try the new Vyew 4.0 Beta button there. How can I switch back to the Old my home?



    We are transitioning away from the old myhome. I have reset your home preference to go to the old one now.


  2. Matt says:

    Hi, Thank you for your product. It looks pretty good.

    I am trying to embed the fully editable vyew room to by website. Version 3 works well with the iframe code you have given. Version 4 does not work with the updated code you have given. The frame does not load but it give a link “Continue to Home”.

    If instead I use with version 4, it starts loading then suddenly goes to a new page.

    Can you help me resolve this?



  3. Steve says:

    I would like to set up a chat room on my website, maybe multiple chat rooms..Also add a video so I can broadcast to my friends.. If I embed the code for your chatroom on my website, is it just viewable on my site alone, or on your site as well. Not sure I want to broadcast audio and video, and a chat to 2 places, as the people in the other area I wouldnt be able to see, or control. Thank you for your time.



    Each room has its own access control settings ( When you embed a room on your site and you want to allow everyone to enter the room who goes to your site, you must set it to “open”. This does not mean that Vyew will publish your room… so no, people on our site will not necessarily know about your room to enter into it… only people going to your site.



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