Controlling access to your Vyew Rooms

Access Control settings are located in the UserList:


Invites Only (default)

Only people you Invite, can access your Vyew Rooms (More about invites).

Owner Only

This option locks out everyone (including those invited) execpt for the owner.

Open to Anyone

To let everyone access your Vyew Room anytime, you can set it to “Open to Anyone” which will effectively leave your Vyew Room unlocked.

Anyone with the direct URL to your Vyew Room will have access, unless you have the Password Option checked. More about passwords.

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  1. Horacio says:

    I represent a very important and masive gropu of professionals in Argentina ( and we are looking for a learning platform to offer teaching modules for accountants. To meke it simple, we can transmit live the event by an expositor with all the viwers conected and with the possibilty to chat. The expositor will address his class showing a ppt or any other visual tool.
    We algo plan to record that event and will offer it in a recorded form toghether with the material that joint it.
    We need to limit the access to both kind of events just to the one who accomplish with some features. In other words, the system will have to allow me the possibility to asign logs (user and psw differnt to anyone and generated by myself) just to the ones who I want to allow.
    Hope you will understood what we need by the way and to start with. If you have any representative in Argentina or spanish talker we probably can complement more details.
    Best Regards, Horacio



    Vyew can do all this at present, except for recording. Our revamped recording feature’s still several months away. Many clients have had success using Vyew in conjunction with other recording software such as CamStudio , Camtasia , Screencast-O-Matic , or on Linux, xvidcap . The resultant video could then be uploaded to YouTube and inserted back into a Vyew room.


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