Whats the difference between concurrent users and concurrent meetings?

Concurrent Users

The “concurrent users limit” (a.k.a the “real-time participant limit”) is the maximum number of people who can access any of your Vyew Rooms at the same time.

This concurrency only applies when multiple users are in the same room at the same time. Individual users– that is, any user in any room all by themselves– do not count toward the concurrent users limit.

Free and Plus accounts begin with a 10 concurrent user limit; Pro accounts, 15. The Plus and Pro accounts are expandable to 80.

Concurrent Meetings

Any Vyew Room containing 2 or more users is considered a “meeting”.

The “concurrent meeting limit” is how many meetings can occur at the same time.

Free and Plus accounts can have 1 meeting at a time; Pro accounts, 2.

Some examples:

1) You have a Plus account with a 10-concurrent-user limit, and a 1-concurrent-meeting limit. You could have all 10 people in one room, or 10 in one room and 5 others each in their own individual rooms.

2) You have a Pro account with a 20-concurrent-user limit, and a 2-concurrent-meeting limit. You could have all 20 in one room. You could also have 12 in one room, 8 in another, and 4 others each in their own individual rooms.

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  1. Janet says:

    I am just trying to understand the options. In particular the free option. I can have up to 20 books and they are ‘on’ all the time. Suppose I invite 10 people to one Vyew Room. We agree to meet again 2 weeks later. In the mean time any of them can visit the book using the url. The I invite another 10 people to visit a second Vyew Room on a different day. Hopefully none of my participants at meeting 1 are in the book when meeting 2 happens so that’s not concurrent? or is it because they still have access???
    Also is the 50 page limit per book or is that my personal limit as a free user? Could I in theory have 20 books each with 50 pages i.e. 1,000 pages in all?
    I am keen to use and share Vyew so I hope you will clarify this for me.



    Correct. If you have some in Meeting 1, then it would lower your concurrent user limit for Meeting 2. We would encourage you to upgrade if this scenario might happen to you.

    Another option, is you could use scheduled invites, which would only allow people into a room at the time you specify. More about invites…


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