Whats the difference between Free Vyew and Paid Vyew versions?


From a feature standpoint there is no difference. The free version meeting can do everything the paid version meeting can do.


The paid version has no advertising in it.

The paid version also has higher capacity limits and optional add-on features, such as:

  • More users in a meeting at the same time
  • More pages in a Vyew Room
  • More Vyew Rooms stored persistently
  • Can host multiple meetings at the same time (Pro version only)
  • Optional add-on: Custom branding and interface skinning
Owners of the paid version also get priority email support (their questions are answered first).

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  1. DBW says:

    I’m looking for a software similar to GoToMeeting, I’ve seen it operate, but it’s to costly. What I need is something for personal online training w/ specific programs. There’ll only be 2 people, including myself, in a meeting at 1 time.

    1) A software that’d allow me to see someone elses computer, so that I can watch and talk w/ “them” while they operate a program & learn how that program operates & the steps to take.
    2.) A software that’d allow them to see my computer, so that they can watch “me” operating a program & tell me what I’m doing wrong/right.
    3) Make phone calls, local & long distance?

    Is Vyew the software I’m looking for? Would the free version work?


  2. Vyew says:

    Vyew is capable of doing this. In order for someone to share their desktop with others, they need Java installed. We recently over the last week found a bug which breaks desktop sharing for a small percentage of people. We are working on an upgrade and hope to get this out soon. In the meantime, try to see if it works for you by logging in and going to the “Desktop Sharing” tab.

    You may want to


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