Screen Sharing & Screen Capture Troubleshooting Guide

Before doing anything, run the Java Tester. Be sure to enter your email address there so that we can log your test results.
  1. Is Java Installed? – Java 1.6 (aka 6.0) is required. Installation Guide Here.
  2. Not sure about your Java version? – Check the Browser Test page.
  3. Java Version Conflict? – Check if you have more than one version of Java installed. More Info.
  4. Did you accept the Java Security Notice? – When you first run Desktop Sharing you will see a security warning notice. Ignore any warnings and accept and continue. Don’t worry, we don’t use spyware. If you didn’t accept the notice, you’ll need to refresh your browser and try again.
  5. Two Vyew windows open? – If you have Vyew opened in two different windows, the Desktop Sharing module may get confused. Close both of them, and re-login.
  6. Inferior Browser? – Are you using Internet Explorer? Try Firefox, or Chrome; they’re better.

Still can’t figure out the problem?

  1. Go to our Java Test Page, this will log your problems

Contact Support and let us know:

  • Each step you took
  • Any exact error messages you got
  • What your browser version and operating system are

Desktop Sharing Browser/OS combinations tested

We have done extensive tests on Windows, Mac and Linux systems with various browsers.
  • Windows:
    • IE8 on Vista sometimes has issues.
    • All other XP/Vista/7, IE7+, Firefox3.6+, and Chrome combinations are OK.
    • While not thoroughly tested, Opera and Safari on Windows works.
  • Mac:
    • Mac with Chrome browser may not work.
    • All other Mac/Firefox3.6+/Safari combinations are OK.
    • We have not tested Opera on Mac.
  • Linux:
    • Debian (Ubuntu) and Red Hat (CentOS) derivatives with Firefox3.6+, and chromium-browser/google-chrome work with Oracle’s java6 packages. Other Java alternatives, like openjdk,  have had issues.

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Comments (5 Responses)

  1. dowel says:

    … you didn’t bother to test on Linux 64bit Systems, did you?



    Linux doesnt like our java applet at this time, we will get it to work soon. I have updated this page to reflect our os/browser testing results.


  2. James M. says:

    What is the Linux desktop-sharing status?



    Technically it should work since theres nothing platform specific about it, but I dont think it does at the moment. I’ll check it on ubuntu and see if we can get it working…



    An engineer here says that users have reported desktop sharing working for them on linux. I have not verified this yet, but i’ll look into it.


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