Using Vyew while teaching a class

Using Vyew during class

You can use Vyew to load a powerpoint or presentation of your daily teaching outline. If questions come up you can make notes or use the whiteboard to explain. This also allows students who are out sick or not able to come to class, to attend and listen/watch the class.

After class is over

Once class is over, you can make a duplicate of the room and make the URL public, so students can come back in later to continue discussions, make notes or ask questions. You can also publish a read-only version which you can embed into a website or blog.

Any other suggestions, ideas or questions

Please make a comment below.

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  1. Nemopsy says:

    How many people may I have in a class with the free version ?





  2. Steven Hill says:

    I need up to 35 pupils as concurrent users. Will the annual subscription allow this or do I need to pay for the 2 year subscription? thanks



    Either subscription (or month-to-month) will allow you to expand up to 35. The PRO account includes 15, then each additional is $1/user/month.


    Steven Hill

    Great – many thanks and apologies for the late reply

  3. firman says:

    I intend to start with 10 person/student at first month then if our course/class get more students/attendees ,could we upgrade the monthly subscription ? please give us the details.thanks for your kind attention, we are looking for your reply.



    Yes you can upgrade at anytime here: Go ahead and sign up here first: Then go to the upgrade link when ready, or contact us through our support form.


  4. M S says:

    I’ve found the following items invaluable in my experience teaching online. I’m hoping that Vyew will incorporate these soon as I’m interested in using Vyew for future classes. Thank you!!

    1. moderator’s ability to cut-and-paste images captured with the snipping tool (Win 7)

    2. moderator’s ability to paste images at a particular spot on the whiteboard
    (if not, then at least the ability to move around a pasted imaged from where it seems to be permanently pasted: in the upper left hand corner)

    3. moderator’s ability to disable chat (oftentimes students are tempted to chat off-topic, drawing attention away from the class subject)

    Thank you!
    M S



    1) Good idea. It’s on the list.
    2) You’re supposed to be able to move (and rotate and resize) a screen shot image. Are you not able to? Contact me at if so.
    3) Another good idea– we’ve gotten a few other requests for this.


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