Sync Mode

Vyew gives you control over where your guests are, and when your guests can access your Vyew Rooms.

Where in your Room…

The Sync button is to the right of the Insert button, near the top center of Vyew.syncMode1

  • Sync mode:
    • Synchronizes the starting, stopping, and pausing of the Youtube video plugin.
    • Forces synchronization of pages and page turns, so that everyone is always on the same page.
  • Unsync mode allows everyone to roam free within the same Room.

When in your Room…

Vyew is unique in that your Room’s contents are accessible anytime, to anyone, with the permissions you specify.

  • Work synchronously, with everyone in the same room at the same time, or
  • Work asynchronously, with users accessing your room at their convenience.

Why is it like this?

  • When giving a presentation, Sync is usually ON, so that everyone will follow you from page to page.
  • When using Vyew for document review or collaboration, when you may or may not be present, Sync is usually OFF, to allow collaborators to browse as they need.

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Comments (7 Responses)

  1. David Yew says:

    Can we allow the Moderator to add on pages, prepare the pages in the Vyew Room in unsync mode, while the Owner as the Presenter is conducting a lesson concurrently?
    Will the pages be refreshed to all the participants in the session?



    Sorry for the late response. Yes, it is possible to have someone else preparing pages, while the meeting is going on, on a different page. You would use the “UNSYNC MYSELF” mode. All pages in the room are updated in real-time.


  2. John Mark says:

    My account doesn’t have a Sync button. Why is that? Please please.



    This is usually because you are not logged in as the owner, moderator or collaborator. Log in, look at your user name you should have a star by it or a pen. If not, you’re probably a “viewer” without rights. If you still cant figure it out, email support with the room number. (


  3. Amruta says:

    When I try to insert /upload a presentation(PPT) I keep getting timed out. Is there a limit to the size of the file I can upload?



    The limit is 30Mbs. If its not 30Mb please send the file into support so we can see what’s going on:



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