Vyew as a Review/Approval Tool

  • Collaboration in Vyew could be thought of as red-lining a printed page, except in an online meeting setting.

  • You can mark up files such as Word, Powerpoint and PDF docs, images and more. You can draw over, write text over, add sticky notes, or add other documents.

  • Collaborators can then alter, delete, or edit previous mark ups. Users set to a Reviewer permission level can only add or edit their own markups, not anyone else’s.

  • Once a collaboration session has come to a conclusion, the owner of the document can then take the notes into consideration, edit the original document on their own computer, then re-upload to Vyew for the next round of revisions and approvals.

  • Aside from technological complexities of varying document formats, in most cases, allowing a multitude of people to edit one original document online can quickly become chaotic. While we’re considering adding a similar feature in the future, in our view, the most systematic way to review through mark-up, not direct editing.

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