Vyew Outage – Explanation

We deeply apologize for the outage last week. In the 9 year history of Vyew we have never had such a long outage.

The technical reason for the problem is that in our database of pages, the variable type for the ID numbers was short-sightedly set to an 11-byte signed integer which has a maximum number range of 2.1 Billion.

On Jan 21st, we reached our limit of 2.1 Billion pages.

We fixed this by expanding the variable type. But by the time we saw the issue, much damage had been done and pages were overwriting eachother.

We have reverted everyones rooms to the previous state of this issue, and hope Vyew will run smoothly now.

Thank you for your understanding.

Why are some of my invitees required to login to enter a meeting?

By default, people who are invited to Vyew do not need to login or register.

BUT, there is an option in the Invites menu: “Users can forward invite”
If this option is UNCHECKED, then we will require users to login or register to enter the meeting.

UPDATE 6/29/09:
If you are using SCHEDULED INVITE, and your users are still being asked to login. This is a bug in the software and we are working to fix this asap.

Can I use Vyew as a document repository?

Yes you can do this with Vyew.
If you upgrade to the PLUS account, you can hold 100 documents, or 500 documents with the PRO account.
Each document will then have its own unique URL

You can then have then invite people to them, or open them to anyone with a password.

To set the password option goto VyewBook Settings > Access Control > set to INVITES ONLY and check the PASSWORD BOX.

How do I force registration of my users so I can see who comes into my room?

In the invitation dialog box (not scheduled invite) there is an option “Allow user to forward invite.” If you uncheck this, then your invitees must register. Then later you can check your VyewBook logs in the “My Home” section if you want to see who came into your room.

Uploading a large PDF makes my page slow or crashes

Some PDF’s which contain a lot (thousands) of vector objects may slow down the VyewBook. If this is the case, export the PDF to a PNG file then re-upload it to your VyewBook.
Programs which may be able to export to PNG would be Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

If you do not have these programs, then try opening the PDF on your computer then using Vyew Desktop Screen Capture to capture it into the VyewBook instead of importing the file.

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