Conducting a Presentation

Tips for Conducting a Presentation

  • Etiquette – Join your meeting early and share a “welcome” slide saying your meeting will start shortly. Before the presentation begins, provide a quick review of items such as how to use the chat feature, how to draw (if you make that option available to your audience), how to use the conference call, webcam, etc. (What’s the best communication method? Learn more.)
  • Check connectivity – Make sure everything is working properly: slides, video, internet, phone lines, mic, web cam, etc.
  • Avoid PowerPoint only – Include animation, photos, videos or other visual aids to make your presentation more interesting.
  • Use SYNC mode – Sync mode forces viewers to follow you around from page to page, and synchronizes video.

Other Useful Hints

  • Close the sidebar for everyone

    If you want your Vyew Room to have a full screen without the interference of the sidebar, you can close this for everyone you are presenting to.

    1. Hover your mouse over the button closedSidepod that closes the sidebar.

    2. In the pop-up, click Close for all users.

    3. To reopen, hover over the button openSidepod and choose Open for all users.

  • Are users distracting the meeting?

    If you have a large meeting where users might be inclined to distract by drawing or playing with other features, it is recommended that you demote everyone to Viewer permission level. A Viewer can only listen, watch and chat. Also, Viewers do not broadcast their mouse cursor to the meeting like collaborators, moderators and owners do.

    Learn more about User Permissions

  • Lead participants from Room to Room

    During a webinar, if you switch to another Room, you’ll be given the option to bring your meeting participants along.

  • Kick someone out

    Disconnect a user by clicking on their name in user list and selecting Disconnect.

  • Start a private chat

    Click on the Start a private chat button at the top of the chat pod.

Five Ways to Annoy your Audience

  • Only read the slides verbatim.
  • Make the text too small to read.
  • Use full sentences instead of summary bullet points.
  • Make slides hard to see by using a poor color choice.
  • Use overly complex diagrams and charts.

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