Importing Files and Text via Email

Activating/Retrieving your “Import by Email” address

To activate your Import by Email address, click on Menu → Account Settings → Activate Import by Email button in the General tab.






Highlight your Import by Email address and copy (Ctrl-c) to use in an email.











NOTE: Anyone with this email address can add content to your rooms. Share wisely (or not at all)!

How to Import via Email

• Put your import email address in the To: field.

• Type the name of a Vyew Room in the subject field– either an existing one, or if it doesn’t exist, a new one will be created.

• The text in the body of the email and any file attachments will be imported to the back of that Room.



• File attachments should be less than 30 MB each.

• Email body should be less than 1 page of text (about 75-80 lines).

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