What’s new in Vyew for September 2012

  • Multiple invitee access rights can be modified from the Invite -> See who has access.. popup.




  • See the activity in your room since your last login through Menu -> Recent Activity. Click “More” to access previous information.



  • Users inactive for more than approximately 30 minutes will be disconnected from the Vyew servers. You can automatically reconnect via the notification popup.





TOC improvements


  • Table of Contents will now sort approvals and discussion items if they are entered in the form <number>.<text>.





  • Table of Contents now has the Hand-off feature to pass administrator responsibility to others.




  • Table of Contents sections can now be drag-and-drop reordered, both via the TOC page, or directly in the page manager.















New Enterprise Features

  • Invite -> See who has access.. now shows group library invitations.







  • Now you can enter rooms in “stealth mode”: right click, then click on INVISIBLE OBSERVER.







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