Which voice option should i use? Voip or Conference Call?

Vyew provides 3 options for communication during a Vyew Meeting:

  • Conference Calling – Each participant dials in with their own landline or cell phone
  • VOIP (Push To Talk) – Each user uses their computer mic/speakers/headset to speak/listen to eachother
  • Chat – Built-in text chat

Conference Calling

This option is suitable for all situations, except when users do not have access to a phone.
It supports over 100 callers and has muting options available.
The downside is, it is not a toll-free call, so standard long distance tolls from your phone company may apply (although most cell phone users will already have free long distance).

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VOIP (Push To Talk)

The VOIP system only allows one person to talk at a time. Once that person is done talking, the next person can push the “Push To Talk” button to speak.
This eliminates annoying feedback echoes and allows for higher voice quality since only one voice signal is transmitted at a time.  This is called “uniplex”, as opposed to normal phone conversations where two people can speak at once (duplex).

When to use VOIP instead of a Phone conference

VOIP is nice because people don’t have to dial a phone number, they can just instantly speak. But, since the VOIP option is Uniplex, it is not very useful when more than 4 or 5 people want to have a conversation. For this, use the Conference Calling option.

VOIP is also a good option if just 2 or 3 people are speaking to 10, 20 or 30 other people (who will not be speaking), for example, in a “Webinar.”

You can deny people access to the mic (so they only can hear), by making them a “Viewer” user permission level.

When NOT to use VOIP

If you or your users are experiencing slow internet / bandwidth issues. The voice may then, sound choppy.

When you have more than 3 or 4 people that want to converse at the same time.

If some users do not have speakers, they will not be able to hear the VOIP speakers.

Can VOIP and Conference Callers be linked?

No, users who are only listening to VOIP can hear the Conference call, and vice versa.

Although we have heard of some users who use both by also speaking into a phone and into their comptuter mic, then when someone asks a question, they repeat the question to all.

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