Issues with the Webcam

Any webcam issues are usually between your Webcam and your Operating System, or The Webcam and Flash itself.

Using the Webcam on a Mac is slightly more problematic because when choosing the webcam device from Flash, it may show up to 3 other devices, such as USB and Firewire devices.

To use the webcam:
  1. Login to a VyewBook Meeting
  2. Click on the webcam icon in the upper right (to the left of the “Push To Talk” button)
  3. If you see a RED “X” through the “Push to Talk” button then you are not connected to our Webcam Server. Please issue a bug report for that problem.
  4. If this is your first time, a Flash Player Settings window will popup. Click ALLOW then CLOSE.
  5. You should then see your webcam broadcasting your own image.
  6. If you don’t, click the webcam icon again, to STOP, then again to START.
If you are using a Macintosh:

  •  When the Flash Player Settings box appears, you may have to choose the correct webcam device.
  • Try the one that matches your device, if you’re not sure, try each one.

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