Do users in my VyewBook always have to see what I see, or can they go to a different page?

Owners and persons granted “Moderator” status can let persons navigate pages at their own pace, if desired, via the Page Sync/Un-sync options next to the Page Navigation:

Owners and Moderators can also just un-sync themselves. For example, a Moderator might want to jump ahead to edit a page prior to discussion during a live conference.

NOTE: VyewBooks are set to Un-sync Mode by default. During live conferences, the Owner or Moderator needs to toggle to Sync Mode to make all persons see what they see. When the live conference concludes, and the Owner and all Moderators have left the session, the VyewBook will default back to Un-sync Mode automatically. To change the default to Sync Mode, select “Default this VyewBook to Sync Mode” via the Sync Toggle.

VyewBooks can also be set to Sync Mode by default via the VyewBook settings found under the Book Menu:

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